I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all who voted for me in this election. It has been an honor to participate as the Green Party candidate. I also congratulate everyone who voted and I encourage those who did not vote this time to vote in the next election. I see voting as an individual’s way to express political power and it is better to vote than to not vote. Yet, the vote and this election is just one part of the actions we must take. Democracy and the public interest are not limited to election day. They are a way of life and not a special event.

We can hope for a day when the environmental crisis will be addressed. We can hope for a day when social justice will be a priority. We can hope for a day when service to the public will be the priority of government officials. We can do more than hope. We can adopt these needs as our own personal priorities, change our expectations, and act accordingly.

We can expect that the common good will be expressed and promoted instead of accepting that our common interests must be sacrificed. We can expect government to serve the public interest instead of accepting that only the elite few will be served. We can expect the system to be fair and equitable to all instead of accepting a system that favors special interests. We can expect the economic system to be in harmony with nature instead of accepting that the environment must be degraded.

We can act. We can vote. We can participate in an advocacy group. We can avoid products associated with pollution. We can prefer organic food in the market. We can drive less and use public transportation more. We can refuse to be herded or manipulated. We can stop accepting the media programming, stop watching TV, start reading a book, and get more of our news from the internet.

We can unite. We can choose issues we have in common, such as restoring the environment, abolishing student debt, a single-payer health care system, and police serving our community. Let us look beyond the partisan divide, beyond the cult of personality, and beyond the media propaganda. The lesson to be learned in this election is that we must develop constancy and stay focused and determined on these vital issues for our present and future well being.

The election is over and as one door closes, another opens.