I joined the Green Party in 2014 when I realized the establishment parties are not capable of providing the leadership we need for the future. In this campaign season, that is all the more more evident as the establishment parties cling to the past and to their sponsors. Yet, we are not helpless, in spite of the conventional wisdom. Do not forget that they need us more than we need them. In American history, it is usually the third parties that show the way when the establishment is failing. We all must make an effort to help restore the environment and improve our society. Voting for Green Party candidates is part of the answer.

In Congress, I will pursue these ideas that make room for change and provide benefits for everyone.

Expand Public Transportation in a meaningful way
$10 Billion for 10 thousand buses and 10 years operating costs in District 24 and the surrounding DFW metroplex
Transition to Renewable Energy
I support the Green New Deal. We should promote rooftop solar and more individual energy production, expand wind energy, and promote energy efficiency and conservation
Transition to Organic Agriculture
Improve our diets and end subsidies for pesticides and herbicides. Restore the topsoil and clear our waterways of fertilizers and chemicals.
Bail Out the Students
It is both foolish and immoral to burden a generation with debts for education.
Single Payer Health Care
Subsidize medical care instead of subsidizing the corporate healthcare oligarchy.
End the War on Drugs
Drug prohibition promotes crime, is ineffective, and is damaging to society. Legalize, regulate, and treat. Drug addiction is a medical and social problem, not a criminal law problem.
Promote Peace Instead of War
The endless war policy has been a very costly failure. It s time for a peace offensive.