A bit about the Green Party.

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The U.S. Green Party is a growing body of activity, organization, and coherence. The Green Party US is the national organization which produces the national Green Party platform and which nominates national candidates for president and vice-president. You will also find Green Party discussion on several Facebook pages, for example: Green News Network; Green Party Activists, Issues and Discussion.

Videos on news and discussions about important issues can be seen at
Grassroots Booster Club. A very good source of current news and discussion is Popular Resistance. Chris Hedges hosts the RT show On Contact This links to a truly inspiring speech by the Rev. Cornell West on <a 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyXoYZuYzm8' target='blank'>four questions.

The Green Party advocates major changes in government policy in the United States. One question that is raised is how to pay for programs like the Green New Deal, Single Payer Health Insurance, and Student Debt relief. The answer to this question involves re-thinking the money system, a system which most people do not understand or know much about. The idea of Greening the Dollar is explained in detail at Greens for Monetary Reform. These brief videos introduce the solution: We don’t have enough money and We Want Our $10,000!.

Global warming is the rise in temperatures due to increased greenhouse gas emissions. If we are to address the problem, we will have to stop using fossil fuels, which will probably result in some economic and social turbulence. Huge sums are spent on denial and misleading propaganda and the corporate media ignores or downplays the problem, but you can find factual information at Skeptical Science and some current news at Climate Central. A video series called Understanding Climate Change can be seen on YouTube.

Monetary reform is an increasingly urgent matter. The group Greens for Monetary Reform maintains a website greensformonetaryreform.org where the Green Party proposals for nationalizing the Federal Reserve and restructuring the monetary system are discussed.

The inflated cost of higher education and proliferation of student debt is a serious present and long-term issue for America. The Green Party supports student debt forgiveness and free or reduced cost higher education and is developing solutions. Some information on this important topic can be found at Student Debt Crisis, but establishment solutions are unlikely. It was the Democrats and Republicans who created the student debt crisis by pandering to corporate interests in the first place.

Single Payer health insurance is a solution we are in desperate need of now. The Green Party supports single-payer medicare for all as well as other vital features of a quality health care system. In depth information on Single Payer can be found at Physicians for a National Health Program.

Electoral reform is a pressing issue as democracy in America has been eroded to the point of a mere skeleton. Jill Stein attempted to have a recount of votes in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. She faced partisan scorn and cynicism from all sides, but it was Trump and the Republicans who opposed the recount. As Jill Stein said, “We need to start by verifying our votes and ensuring that this is a democracy that we can work with.

End the War on Drugs. The drug prohibition has been one of the most well recognized failures of government policy. Drug prohibition has so many ill effects that it is difficult to see how continuing this policy can be justified. See the Drug Policy Forum of Texas and Chasing the Scream for more information.

Besides these issues, there are numerous opportunities for activism and improvement at the local level. Please consider getting involved with your local government by attending meetings or being a candidate for local office.