Inequality and oppression have increased in our society due to systematic favoritism to special interests. The establishment parties feature sponsored politicians – officeholders whose loyalty is to their sponsors, not the public. They believe there is no sacrifice too great, no burden too heavy, and no price too high for the American people to pay in order to serve the multi-national corporations and financial oligarchy. These corporate fiefdoms are the latifundia of our society. Whether is is by ever growing debt, the Wall Street bailout, the oil wars, the drug wars, the healthcare system, the prison system, or the educational system, establishment politicians exploit the public on behalf of their sponsors.

In the 1700’s the American colonies were controlled by the British royalty and the Bank of England. Today, the United States of America is controlled by the corporate royalty and the Federal Reserve banking cartel. The Republican and Democrat parties have brought us right back to where we started. Sadly, the government of the people, by the people, and for the people is now controlled by a small oligarchy of corporate aristocrats. These aristocrats exercise powers such as treaty enforcement, eminent domain, and issuing money that belong in the government where there is some democratic control.

Because of our bank controlled money system we are truly swimming upstream when we try to improve our environment and quality of life. Despite the trillions of GDP and financial assets, it is never enough and it will never be enough. Ordinary people are burdened with a financial system that is largely hidden, but is designed to extract fees, charges, and penalties at every turn. The money system is designed so the debt is always greater than the ability to pay, to drive us on to ever more consumption and to provide greater control and profits to the corporate aristocracy. There is no respite from the compulsion for more, though the endless drive is an exercise in valueless futility.

Our government should serve human beings, helping to assure a good quality of life, instead of being a tool of corporate exploitation.


  • The Trans-Pacific Partnership and other corporate designed trade agreements must be rejected. These agreements place corporations over the public and the government.
  • We should create a “circular economy” where goods are made with the idea that they will be recycled and re-used. This will create equity, conserve resources, and promote independence.
  • The Federal Reserve should be audited/nationalized/abolished. The power of the banking cartel, based on their privilege of issuing money, must be reduced. Deposit banks should be separated from financial market speculations as was done by the Glass-Steagall Act. Abusive financial practices have grown while financial security has shrunk. A minimum income, issued directly by Congress to each adult, could replace fractional reserve lending as the method of issuing money and would be a much more equitable and economical means of supporting the economy.
  • Corporate and special interest influence should be removed from federal agencies, and if it cannot be removed, the agencies should be dissolved and vital functions moved to new or clean agencies. There should be no “captured” federal agencies.
  • Multi-national corporations should create jobs, respect the environment, and pay their share of taxes, without subsidies. Corporations which lobby Congress should not be eligible for government contracts.
  • A multitude of regulations, special tax breaks, and corporate subsidies created by Republicans and Democrats alike, that favor multi-national corporations and prevent small business and farmers from competing should be repealed.
  • Democracy must be restored. The state should encourage voting with more and better facilities for voting, but instead the establishment parties seek to discourage voters with unjustifiable ID or registration requirements and poor facilities. Electronic vote counting is designed to replace the voters’ choice with the corporate choice, so votes must be counted by human beings. Candidate forums should be open to all candidates on the ballot and supported with a combination of public and private resources. A minimum effective exposure level should be determined and maintained by these forums to assure the public can become informed of their choice of candidates.